Friday, June 23, 2006

Quote of the day

"A war initiated on faulty intelligence must not be followed by a premature withdrawal of our troops based on a political timetable. An untimely exit could rapidly devolve into a civil war, which would leave America's foreign policy in disarray as countries question not only America's judgement but also its perseverance."
-John Murtha (epilogue of "From Vietnam to 9/11" [2004])
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Anna Venger said...

Christopher R Taylor said...

The thing that frustrates me is that he's right here. He learned his lessons the hard way from Vietnam, but seems to be turning his back on all of them now for political gain, or so he hopes. He wants to ride the anti-war bandwagon to majority leader and get more power by the moves he's making now.

He saw an opening and he took it - but the opening was a feint and he's impaling himself on the sword. All the lessons of Vietnam: giving up, abandoning our boys, letting congress run the fight, politicizing the war, listening to a loud, vocal minority ... he's closing mind to all of them for mere political advancement.

That's why integrity is so important in a politician, so critical for people in power. When someone is willing to turn their back on what they know is right for more power, they are unworthy of any.