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Imagine, if you will, the usual suspects gathered nearby Normandy in a "Free Speech Zone" designated by the German government. They are here to witness and protest the invasion of a sovereign nation - France - by the warmongering American Government and their willing allies in Great Britain. What do the signs held by these peace-loving demonstrators say? Nihilist in Golf Pants has the top 11:
11. No blood for French Wine!

10. It’s been two and a half years since Pearl Harbor and they still haven’t brought Admiral Nagumo to justice

9. In 62 years, the date will be 6/6/6. A coincidence? I think not.

8. All this death and destruction is because the neo-cons are in the pocket of Israel

7. The soldiers are still on the beach, this invasion is a quagmire

6. Sure the holocaust is evil, but so was slavery
See the rest at his site (note: The Number 1 has Churchill accused of being a Chickenhawk, and while it wouldn't surprise me to find a clueless protester that thought so, the man was a military vet).

Commenters had their say:
re: #8, technically speaking, weren't the ur-Neocons in the pocket of the Jewish Residents of the British Mandate in Palestine?
-by Dan

So far, the influence of Leo Strauss brings forth the end of any possibility of social justice in a reactionary state. As Norman Mailer pointed out, Donald Rumsfeld's worldview leads our attention to the flagrant lies promulgated by the political donor class. Presumably, the appropriation of Arab resources provides a pretext for the seizure of the Iraqi Oil Ministry. Clearly, the 15-minute speech delivered Monday night by President Bush represents the repudiation of international law in order to bring about the final subjugation of the Middle East, beginning with the $90bn invasion of Iraq.
-by Anonymous [aka Chomsky-worshipping sophist]

Churchill actually wanted to go to Normandy, and the King was asked to talk him out of it. George VI said to him, "Sure, if I get to go too!" Churchill got the point.

Churchill was a reporter in the Boer War, arrested for being a little to helpful to one side. He saw actual combat in the Sudan (or perhaps Afghanistan, I forget), in one of the last great cavalry charges. Otherwise, he served in the British Army in a somewhat quiet time, and took time off to be a reporter at a few active fronts- Cuba and others.

I'm pretty sure Roosevelt got polio well after he became eligible for military service, not that it really matters.
-by Nachum

FDR got Polio ~1924, while in his 30s.

Imagine today's moonbats reaction to amphibious tanks that sink. Could they contain their glee long enough to be indignant for the cameras.
-by Jones

They would have also said:

- Why are we rebuilding Europe and forcing democracy down Japan's throat when blacks, women, and gays are suffering here?


- Hitler has been out there building daycare centers and early education programs. The US hasn't done that. Meanwhile, the people of Germany are so grateful they call their schooling programs "Hitler youth."
-by Brian

Not so fast with the "liberals backed WWII while conservatives were isolationists" spiel. Churchill was of course a member of the Conservative party. He was sounding the warning bell about Hitler back when the radical Left in Europe and in the U.S. was busy defending the Hitler-Stalin pact and warning us not to be dragged into war by the warmongering Brits and the "bankers." There were fools and monsters on both right and left in those days, and we're damned fortunate that great men like FDR and the unrepentant old imperialist Sir Winston were around to defeat them.
-by anonymous

mpg,I didn't know the Luftwaffe was at Pearl Harbor...All the Nazis did was overrun Europe. But they didn't attack the US. Sure they sunk a few US ships and the Iraqis fired at US planes enforcing the no-fly zone, no big deal. 30-40 million people would have not been killed if a "pre-emptive" action had been taken in 1938...
-by anonymous
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