Monday, June 12, 2006


"I think Susie G is just experiencing the normal giddiness that goes with attending a fan convention."

The first annual Yearly Kos convention was held, and it was covered by C-Span, slutblogger Wonkette, many legacy media outfits, and bloggers all across the world. About 1000 people attended the three-day event, and in the schedule were workshops, speeches, round table discussions, and video viewing. The entire event was so well-packaged that the media and many politicians were there, such as Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) and former Presidential candidate Wesley Clarke (who for some reason was on a science discussion workshop).

The New York Times revealed some tips given to attendees at the convention:
At several sessions on Thursday, one offered political pundit training, (for the mainstream television appearance — smile no-matter-what; wear boring clothes and always a jacket; women, don’t tilt your heads; men, keep a hand in one pocket).
Tim Blair disagrees:

Defy these authoritarian overlords, independent-thinking compassionate people! You must tilt!

In response to this plaintive cry by blogger SusanG
We’re worth it, too. We are something else.

Tim Blair notes this, for perspective:

You are
only 1,000 people at the Riviera Hotel. Check the attendance at these conventions, also scheduled for Vegas this month:

* Western States Roofing Contractors Association: 4,000
* Las Vegas Hair & Nail: 12,000
* Electrical Apparatus Service Association: 4,000
* Intl Esthetics Cosmetics & Spa Conference: 33,000
* Coffee Fest: 8,000
* Casino Chips & Gaming Token Collectors: 5,000
* Truck Show: 30,000

Commenters a Spleenville had this to say:
The New York Times reveals that attendees at the YearlyKos left-fest in Las Vegas have been ordered to quit tilting:
What about power fisting?
Did you detect an ever-so-slight mocking tone in the Times story?
As she talked, Dave Johnson of interrupted to announce that because he had just been blogging to his readers, “Ten thousand people are now here.”
Okay, so I went over to to see what was going on, figuring what with its huge readership, that would be lots. As I scrolled through the posts, a pattern emerged: Comments 1, Comments 2, Comments 0. 10,000 people, Dave? Where? On Planet Zongo?
-by Kyda Sylvester

"Named after, the widely read political Web log by Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, the three-day convention that opened on Thursday is something of a milestone — an event that unites the irreverent and ever-morphing liberal blogosphere with mainstream political figures who have begun to recognize the bloggers’ potential clout (emphasis mine).”
Well, so far, I believe that “clout” has worked to knock Kos-supported candidates out of the ring. Wasn’t Kos something like 0-15 in the last general election?
-by paco

These people would be perfect for one of those Big Brother and Sister commercials where a father figure is needed to mentor directionless kids.
Remember when they were attending classes on how to call in to talk radio.
Leadership on parade-catch the fever.
-by yojimbo

So they’ve learned about the head-tilt? I started getting worried when Greenpeace/ACF stooges started showing up for press conferences wearing hastily-purchased shirt-tie-jacket ensembles. They walk amongst us!!
-by cuckoo

One thousand people in Vegas, self-deluded into thinking the people usually in Vegas care. Bugsy would be a-chucklin’.

Hey--just occured to me--I once attended an MLA conference--the same kind of self-important hallucinatory thinking abounded! Without the hugging, of course, as people in the MLA would as soon slit your throat as any Islamic nutbar.
-by Mushie

Origins wargames convention—in the vacation mecca of Columbus, OH—managed to gather 15,000+ last year despite being over the 4th of July weekend.
The role-playing geeks gathered 30,000+ in Indianapolis last August.
Nobody tell the Kossacks these numbers. They might get a sense of perspective.
-by Rob Crawford

The media is, of course, in fascinated attendance and it seems like every fourth person you run into is here covering the phenomenon of ... us.
So… assuming Susie G’s dizzy hyperbole is accurate, approximately 250 of the 1,000 are with the media? Which leaves, really, only 750 actual participants.
I think Susie G is just experiencing the normal giddiness that goes with attending a fan convention. That, and probably too many apple martinis.
-by RebeccaH

We are hungry, hungry for each other in person. If someone is spotted with the orange lanyard around their neck, you fall upon them.
Brains...Fresh brains...
-by richard mcenroe

Don’t those people know that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I mean everyone knows that. If they wanted it to have an effect in the rest of the country they should have had their convention somewhere else.
-by kcom

Ace over at Ace of Spades HQ had a recent riff on how the Left constantly needs to feel it is superior in intelligence to us Right Wing Death Beasts, and possessed of some arcane knowledge that lifts them above the common herd. They’re always banging on about how smart they are. Leftists as a group and in many cases individually have been some of the most spectacularly stupid people I have ever met. I’m talking full-on, raffia-basket-making, don’t-run-with-scissors retards. I actually had one the other night saying that all human life was of equal value and that the US killing Zarqawi was no different from Zarqawi setting off car bombs and hacking peoples’ heads off. That’s a special kind of stupid (P. J. O’Rourke (PBUH) hit the nail on the head—he indentified that brow-furrowed, intense earnestness of the Leftoids, and described earnestness as stupidity gone to college).

I don’t think I could be Michelle Malkin’s mole. If I were exposed to that concentrated level of cretinism for any time I think I would wig out and start stabbing people. It’s not just that they’re wrong on just about every issue of importance in the world (and most of the unimportant ones) it’s that they’re so fucking happy in their ignorance. Another O’Rourkism: these people have the self-satisfied look of toddlers on a pot. Great job, lefto-toddler! But at the end of the day you’re still left with a pot full of crap, and Mummy has to clean it up.
-by David Gilles
It is a well-known phenomenon among Christians that attending a special weekend gathering or conference can really stir up emotions, excite, and give a giddy feeling of success, being in the majority and winning side, and delude into feelings of significance and importance. RebeccaH noted this effect (well, it and apple martinis). When you get home, the feeling wears off rapidly. For an idea of how this can feel for a while, read this comments section from SusanG's Daily Kos entry.

In any case, the media loved this small gathering, and gave it incredibly disproportionate coverage, as did Democrat politicians:

San Francisco Chronicle
Time Magazine
New York Times
Also there were the Chicago Tribune, Weekly Standard, CNN, and other organizations. No doubt if a conservative blogger holds a convention that gathers 1000 people, they'll all be sure to show up.

*UPDATE: Daily Kos blogger Markos Moulitsas about the event and the media coverage:

I reach more people than most of these publications that are interviewing me—I don’t need them.
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