Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I'm honestly not sure what to make of this. I looks a lot like hoax to me, or at least a reporter buying someone's black box. Certainly I'd think that someone who came up with an engine that drives on water with the milage he claims (100 miles on 4 ounces of water - that's 3200 miles per gallon) would be front page earthshattering, unbelievable news. Granted, he points out it's a mix of water and gasoline, so the water use might be scant while the gasoline use is more standard. Certainly in the past, it has always taken more energy to produce hydrogen from water than the hydrogen alone produces.

In any case, the video here is of a news report about this new technology.

For a more extensive report on Hydrogen Peroxide as a fuel source, this July 10th article from 2005 by Michael Johnson has more information (about 2/3rds down the page, he lacks permalinks). One use of this new technology is the Peroxide Thunder, a hydrogen rocket powered car which can accelerate to 450 mph in less than 4 seconds. Included is a jazzy video of the vehicle. Of course, as Mythbusters proved, you can make a rocket out of a sausage that works rather well also.

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