Tuesday, June 20, 2006


One of the more interesting things to me in blogging is where people come from around the world. Part of the point of Word Around the Net is that the internet is literally global and people from everywhere can comment, discuss, and learn. That's why there's a picture of the globe in my logo, to represent this amazing global network of minds and typists. I don't know what attracts some nations to my blog, but along the top are more than 40 flags from nations who have visited my site. The great majority come from America, then the UK and Australia - likely because of the English language content - but an amazing variety of different nations are represented.

To everyone who's visited, welcome and come again! Even the guy logging in from Washington DC in a government office! :)

It's difficult for me to figure out what interests people and what they'll come to read and return for. I try to post what I think is interesting and informative, what makes me think "COOL!" when I read it. When I can, I try to be cutting edge - posting what few if any have stories on, or be ahead of the curve. The story on Room Maids managed to do this, as did my essay on oil prices. Anyone who has ideas on stories, let me know, I'm always seeking new sources and information to write about.

I just have one question though, looking at the nations that visit. The Netherlands is ruled by Queen Beatrix, and her noble house's color is orange. When the allies invaded and pushed the Nazis out (it took a couple tries), the Dutch hung orange all over the place. The Dutch soccer - sorry, football - team wears orange.
Netherlands Flag
And the flag is three solid horizontal bars of red, white, and blue. What's up with that??

-Christopher Taylor


Anonymous said...

Wikipedia has an explanation for the Dutch orange team colors:

The Netherlands aren't the only ones whose colors don't quite correspond to their flags. Australia's team wears green and yellow, despite the fact that their flags look like this:

Anonymous said...

Wrong link for the second one. Should have been:

Christopher R Taylor said...

Hm, but that doesn't explain why the flag isn't orange, since that's the color of the Netherlands.