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"When the Whore of Babylon shows up, me and a whole [lot] of other dudes are going to say, 'Damn, I think I dated that chick.'"

Yes, the calendar has come to the day of doom: 06/06/06, which is a number so engrained into the American conscience through movies like the Omen and not a few memories of Sunday School classes that even people wholly unreligious joke about it. Overseas, the phenomenon of Dispensationalism (to be more accurate, pre-trib, premillennial dispensationalism) never really took hold like it has in the United States, despite originating in England. This leaves many Europeans scratching their heads in bemusement, even other Christians. In fact, much of the world is more likely thinking of another significant event on this day.

Tim Blair noted the day had come (in Australia, at least) and requested commenters give their indications and portents of doom:

The day of evil is upon us. Remain alert. Post examples of evil-day evility in comments.

And the commenters gleefully gave their observations:
The candy machine at work is out of Payday bars. Lucifer’s succubi LOVE Paydays.

Incubi, I think they like Kit Kats.

Haven’t gotten the urge to sacrifice virgins to the Dark Master yet but it’s still the 5th here. I’ll keep you posted.
-by joncelli

As noted, still the 5th in the States. However, my oldest grandson (brother of the one who walked into the baseball bat), turns 15 tomorrow. I’m sure his parents think they’ve already given birth to the Antichrist.

Myself, I’m going to eat cake and smile.
-by RebeccaH

But doesn’t 6/6/06 make the beast’s number 6,606, instead of 666? The silly beast’s off by 5,940!

Or maybe this is caused by inflation?
-by Bill Spencer

Don’t people think, perhaps, that the Beast would still be using the Julian Calender, as opposed to the more modern Gregorian one, and as such, we’ll have to wait until the 19th for it to actually be 06/06/06?
-by Yet Another Tim

A naked neighbor? No Paydays in the candy machine? Piffle. I snear at your inanities evilities. Compare your meaningless trifles with this.

The nation’s most famous anti-war activist is coming to Cincinnati.

Cindy Sheehan, the California woman who lost her soldier son in Iraq two years ago, brings her campaign to end the war to Cincinnati Friday.

When she does, there will be many in this community who share her loss, but not necessarily her views.

Ya think so?

What makes this so especially evil is I am almost certain Australia agreed—as in contractually binding type of agreeing—to keep the sheehan monster. So why is it that not only is she coming back to the United States, she’s coming to Cincinnati???

Oh, that’s bad. That’s beyond France style betraying and poo pooing. Look you antipoleans, you can mess with New Zealand, you can maybe even mess with Texas and get away with it, but you can NOT mess with Ohio. Have you learned nothing from John Kerry?

You MUST take her back.
-by wronright

I suggested to the local B-B-Q joint owner that they do an “a-pork-lypse” (pulled pork platter for $6.66) tomorrow.

His reply was something about “pigs flying”
-by joe bagadonuts

"June 6 - Happy Queensland Day!”

Actually, June 6 is the anniversary of the opening of the first drive-in theater, 73 years ago, in Camden, New Jersey. All those teenagers necking: it’s the devil’s workshop, I tell you!
-by Urbs in Horto

Don’t people think, perhaps, that the Beast would still be using the Julian Calender, as opposed to the more modern Gregorian one, and as such, we’ll have to wait until the 19th for it to actually be 06/06/06?

Actually, being a trendy old goat, he’s using a “mayan calendar” he picked up at the Psychic Eye Bookshop and now he has no idea at all what day it is…
-by richard mcenroe

Some more Beast Numbers:

Number of the High Precision Beast

Number of the Millibeast

(-666) ^ (1/2)
Imaginary number of the Beast

6.66 e3
Floating point Beast

Retail price of the Beast

Price of the Beast plus 5% state sales tax

Price of the Beast with all accessories and replacement soul

Walmart price of the Beast

Next week’s Walmart price of the Beast

BMW of the Beast
-by ErnieG

DCLXVI - The Roman Numeral of the Beast.
-by Dave S

Actually, Ronald Wilson Reagan was The Beast, as he had six letters in each of his names. I remember my fundamentally Christian friend telling me this, right before he was elected president. Of course, she was the same person who asked me if they speak English in New Zealand. But still.

Also, he was born on February 6, 1911. Okay, that’s the sixth day of the second month, but 1911, people. So we can trace 9/11 back to him, right?

I’m still wondering why Oliver Stone hasn’t picked up on all this.
-by RebeccaH

Hopefully the Australian Newspapers will also remember June 6th as the day the US Navy inflicted a great victory over the Japanese Navy. If the US had lost, the Japanese would have eventually made their war to Australia and inflicted great horrors on the civilian population.
-by Wylie Wylde

Mr Wylde is referring to the Battle of Midway, June 4-7th. When I see "666" in the Bible I recognize it as symbolic, like the bulk of the language in the book of Revelation, referring to something pretending to be but not achieving perfection (as represented by 777). So this is just another day to me, even if somehow our calendar had some bearing on supernatural events.

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