Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Comment Type #23

End of the Internet

It is not uncommon on the internet to see links, it's one of the great strengths of the medium and something that is often welcome. Any time you see a word or words with a line under them (usually a different color than the other text), you've found a hyperlink, which if clicked on with your mouse will send you to another site on the internet. With a browser such as Mozilla Firefox (and, likely an upcoming new version of Internet Explorer), opening up links in a new tab doesn't disrupt what you're doing at all. Links add depth to an article or a comment, giving substantiation and documentation to your point without needing extensive quotes or long explanation. I use them liberally in this blog to allow people who aren't familiar with a term or concept to look them up and thus save those more familiar the tedium of reading a definition.

A Linkmaster comment is packed with links, sometimes almost exclusively made up of them. This kind of comment is usually a refutation of some previous point made, an attempt to disprove a point or answer a question with various experts, data, information, and even images. Few websites will prohibit or discourage this, as the linking of sites and moving around between them is a large part of the charm of the internet. In fact, few people will dislike links or even a large number of links because they are a source of interest and research.

The only kind of Linkmaster comment that is going to be unwelcome is one that either sends you unwarned to explicit (non work-friendly) websites or extremely annoying ones, such as a site that floods you with pop-ups or plays loud, obnoxious music upon arrival. Mere advertising is always unwelcome, of course. As long as the post is on-topic and not spammed, Linkmasters are typically accepted or even embraced.

*UPDATE: Changed the number of this from Comment Type #24 to #23
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