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Although many nations have done their best to be multicultural and bend over backwards to be friends with extremist muslims and terrorists, the approach really does not appear to be working. From the brutal murder of Theo Van Gogh to the artificially ginned up riots over the Danish Political Cartoons, to the more recent capture of muslim terrorists who planned among other things to cut the head off the Canadian Prime Minister, the evidence is not good for coexistence and multiculturalism.

The Big Pharaoh blog has a list of nations that are beginning to learn this lesson the hard way:

Forget "imperialist" "Christian" "crusader" America. Forget the UK, "America's imperialist Christian crusader" allie. Forget "secular Hijab banning" France. Forget all these countries. Let's look at the countries where tolerance and "multiculturalism" is mixed with oxygen in the air.

Ultra-tolerant countries that are now having second thoughts about their Muslim immigrants:

1. Ultra-liberal Holland

2. Tolerant Denmark. A country that always sided with Arab/Muslim causes yet Muslims and their governments around the world squandered that.

3. And now Canada. The I-am-better-than-you-America-and-more-liberal-than-you type of country.

Big Pharaoh suggests these muslims learn the 10 commandments. Commenters replied:

Holland is lost anyway. The natives are as responsible for its demise as are the muslim extremsists. There’s a new party now, NPH or something. It’s main agenda: legalization of paedophilia. I kid you not.

Hey, I have always wanted to ask this: do muslims also recognize the Ten Commandments? Are they the same as ours? Dumb question perhaps.
-by LPH

BP: The I-am-better-than-you-America-and-more-liberal-than-you crowd is significant in number but I don’t think that it represent the majority of Canadians. It is mostly the effete pseudo-intellectuals and members of the New Democratic Party who seem to be affected with this chronic disease… They like to imitate their European friends.

A quick overview of our common history proves that the USA was ahead of ahead of Canada most of the time. First in North America:

1st municipal Government - Dorchester Massachusetts (1633)

1st colony to proclaim freedom of religion - Maryland (1634)

1st Legislative Assembly - Massachusetts (1635)

1st institution of higher learning - Harvard, Massachusets (1636)

1st printing Press - Cambridge, Massachusets 1638
(In Canada, the first printing press was introduced in 1764)

First colony to declare slavery illegal: Rhode Island (1652)

I am proud to be a Canadian and I don’t want to move south of the border but I have nothing but respect for my American neighbors.
-by andre

“You think it�s 0.001%? I am not too sure. One of the Canadian suspects, Qayyum Abdul Jamal preached hate in a Mosque in my town for several years.

If everyone is so peace loving, how was he allowed to carry on preaching?”

shlemazl, it isn’t as easy as merely reporting them. Muslims in Britain have often complained about the antics of Abu Hamza al-Masri and Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed countless times, yet nothing was done and it took a devastating terrorist attack on 7/7 to do so.

The problem is the damn Saudi money being funnelled into the mosques and other Muslim groups who fight against the Saudi funds (e.g. Sufis, Shi’as, progressive Qu’ran-only Muslims) have often encounter difficulty fighting for influence due to lack of funding.

I guarantee you none of this would be happening if Sufis took hold of Canadian masjids.
-by DJ

Hey, I have always wanted to ask this: do muslims also recognize the Ten Commandments?

Yes. Arch-Angel Gabriel confirmed the avlidity of the previous scriptures to Mohamed.

Are they the same as ours?

Probably not, since the confirmed previous scriptures are not actually taught to muslims :O

Dumb question perhaps.

No, it was a good question. I’ve been trying to gather info on how much actual overlap there is between Islam and Judaism/Christianity. What I’ve learned so far isn’t very promising. Muslims claim Moses, Jesus and all other Prophets from previous scripture as their own, but they seem to have played quite fast and loose with the messages they each brought. I’d actually rather that Islam did not pretend to take into account Christian and Jewish teachings.
-by Craig

The United States may be Christian, it may be Imperialist, it may be Crusader…it is also probably the single best country in the world to live in if you want to practice your faith (whatever it is), live as you choose, and not have the government constantly intruding in your life (with the notable exception of paying your taxes).

The U.S. may not share the geo-poltical viewpoint of many Muslim nation’s governments, but Muslim’s in the United States probably live better than Muslim’s living anywhere else in the world, and that includes the Holland’s and Denamrk’s of the world.
-by Steve

Well then, those so-called by you b.p. “Ultra-Tolerant” countries can take their ultra-tolerance and put it where the sun does not shine. if they can’t respect us, then we don’t need them.i think everybody is underestimating the power of muslims when they unite, let me give you the small example of the danish products boycott b.p. the result was the loss of nearly 6 billion dollars for the dans, they were almost crying.
I can’t believe you’re calling denmark tolerant after the caricatures they published, which reminds me of some very important questions i need to ask you b.p. :
- what’s your nationality?
- what’s your religion?
-by Black Mamba

i would say that judaism and islam have much more in common than either of them have with christianity. both islam and judaism have more of a legal angle, among other similarities.

about the muslim communities alientating their host countries - there is not much the host countries can do, if they want to uphold the very things that make them tolerant. sure, there are hate speech laws, but the test is very high. sure, they could not let them in, but are u saying they should impose some sort of opinion questioning on prospective immigrants? as the laws now stand, u have to be guilty of crimes against humanity, crimes against the peace, war crimes or other serious criminality to be exlcuded from canada. what, exactly, do propose that they countries do exactly, that will be within their stated adherence to liberties and freedoms? i’d really like to hear ur suggestions.
-by forsoothsayer

It is already happening. From CTV News: Thursday 8 June 2006
Security experts advise deporting radical clerics

Security experts are urging the federal government to crack down on Islamic extremists who may be preaching hatred in Canada�s mosques, following the stunning arrest of 17 Toronto residents on terrorism-related charges.

“That is, not allowing extremists to come here so easily, and asking those who are preaching extremism to get out of here � making sure they are removed,” Martin Collacott, an immigration analyst, told CTV News.

The fall from grace of the Charter or Rights and Freedom has begun. Its demise will not be a calamity except for the lawyers making a mountain of cash with court challenges. Canadians will learn that you should not rely on the bureaucracy of the state for the preservation of your rights because it will lead you in the dead end so well illustrated by Forsoothsayer.

There is a need for our society to replace the current reliance on court-defined rights and freedom by a return to the concept of personal responsibility as the only sure means to improve humanity
-by andre

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