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"I'd always dreamed of being a superhero, and never dreamed of being a Princess." - Jackal Girl

This is one of the coolest stories I have read in my entire life. Not only does it appeal to my comic book geek side, but my mushy awwwwwwww side that I cannot hide as well as I might like.

Most people are aware of who the Make-a-Wish Foundation is and what they do. I blogged about them just last week, and this is one of the charities that so far has proved to be wholly altruistic and not political at all. In short, this organization raises money so that they can give a dying or severely ill child one wish, one more thing that they can do that they've always wanted to - or at least the best facsimile they can come up with.

As the Idaho Statesman recently reported, the foundation had to pull out all the stops to help fulfill a recent child's wish. She wanted to be a superhero - not a princess:
"We have four categories of wishes, and 'I Wish to Be' is the most rare," [Make-a-Wish Foundation] Executive Director Marcia Karakas said.

This is the first time in at least 10 years that a "Be" wish has been received in the Idaho office, which serves the state's lower 35 counties. Unlike wishes to "Go," "Meet" or "Have," the "Be" wish allows the community to be more involved in making the wish come true.

Wish partner Windermere Real Estate had 100 percent participation from its 150 employees at two Boise offices.

Aubrey's wish blossomed to include the Idaho Historical Museum, Boise State University, Saint Alphonsus Life Flight, Fairly Reliable Bob's, Gowen Field Fire and Rescue, Zoo Boise, the mayor's office, and the city's police, fire and parks departments.

Aubrey received a phone call from the original Batman, Adam West, and local artist Kelly Knopp is creating a comic book for Aubrey.

Area 02, a local production company, filmed the events of Aubrey's wish, and there will be a red-carpet premiere of the film at the Egyptian Theatre in the fall.

When the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Idaho asked Aubrey what her wish would be, she knew right away.

"She truly loves superheroes," Elisa Matthews said.

"She cares about others, and she's always been this way," Dave Matthews said.

Aubrey made up other superheroes to help her fight crimes in scripted scenes on her special day. She equipped Lion Lady, Frog Lady, Dog Man, House Lifter, Sky Girl, Martian Manhunter and Tree Girl with their own superpowers. A script assisted heroes and police as the drama played out, but Aubrey always knew what to say because she loves to play superhero with friends.

Aubrey also provided the design inspiration for each of their costumes, including her own costume in her favorite color, blue.
This has to be the best possible day for this girl. When I simply drew a comic for a friend's daughter with her as the hero she was almost speechless trying to say thank you and treasures it still. This would be overwhelming for a kid like I was.

With a determined look on her face, Aubrey used her super powers of X-ray vision, super strength, fast speed and blowing power to rescue a hostage from Black's grip and tie the villain to the replica Liberty Bell in front of the Statehouse at about noon.

Hundreds of fans cheered her on.

"I'd like to thank you for your extreme bravery in capturing Black," Mayor David Bieter said on the Statehouse steps after Black's arrest.

"You have shown extraordinary crime-fighting skills," Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson said before presenting her with a custom-made police uniform, badge and all.
Ace of Spades Headquarters blogged on this over the weekend:

The day started off with a desperate call from Adam West, asking if ["Star"] could possibly help with the town's problems.

Too cute.

and this is what commenters had to say:
I almost cried reading the linked article. There's still some really good people out there.
-by TheWarden
[I did, big tough guy that I am]
If you're looking for a charity that does magnificent things for kids, while managing their expenses quite responsibly, the Make a Wish Foundation is a very worthy organization. Good people doing great things for kids and their families.
-by Dave in Texas

Boise. Where I reside and have for almost 30 years. Great city. Great people. Great story.

I work downtown where this all took place. Pretty damn cool.
-by Kelly

I did cry, and I'm gonna keep my eyes open for the DVD release of Star's film of daring do gooding.
-by Wickedpinto

I, too, would love to see the film. I can imagine a few ways that they could pull off giving her super strength, but I wanna see how they did the x-ray vision.

And, yeah, her name was "Star". JackalGirl is the blogger you linked to.
-by Tuning Spork

This story was first in the JackalGirl blog
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