Tuesday, May 23, 2006


In the last two days I've had visitors from all around the world, and while I'm not exactly sure what prompted this increase in international readers (I've always had a few from around the world and not just the USA), welcome and thank you for dropping by! All of these countries have been represented:

AustraliaAustralian FlagAustriaAustrian Flag
BrazilBrazilian FlagCanadaCanadian Flag
FranceFrench FlagGermanyGerman Flag
JapanJapanese FlagNew ZealandNew Zealand Flag
Puerto RicoPuerto Rican Flag
Republic of KoreaROK Flag
SwedenSwedish Flag
SwitzerlandSwiss Flag
ThailandThai Flag
United Arab EmiratesUS Flag
United StatesUAE Flag


Christopher R Taylor said...

And no, I don't know why there's such a gap between the text and the flag list, it must be some kind of formatting issue with some resolutions, but I'm too ignorant of HTML to know exactly how to fix it.

Anna Venger said...

Oh, how cool! I may have sent a (very) few people your way, but not all these different nations. Very impressive.

Christopher R Taylor said...

And thanks for sending people my way! :) I am going to add lil flags to my main picture as people visit, just to show how much the internet connects the entire planet.

Anna Venger said...

How weird is that that I emailed mynym your link, and it turns out you and he "knew" each other already?

Your comment was mean (rwn). I forgive you, but can I ever trust you again???

Oh, I suppose I deserved it in a way. I threw it out there and right after hitting the post--oh, no!-- I wanted to take it back, but it was too late. That's one of those stories that I should giggle over with family and friends and leave it at that, I guess. Besides, it's soooo much better when I can act it out in person.

Keep adding flags. Maybe you can add state flags too! Do you have all 50 yet?