Wednesday, May 17, 2006


These are the states I've visited in the US. I've also been through Canada from BC to Ontario on Highway 1.

Tip of the fedora to Reformed Chicks Blabbing for this bit.

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Anonymous said...

You sure are missing out in not having been to North Dakota . . . they've got sugar beats and stuff.

Christopher R Taylor said...

I only passed through South Dakota very breifly on a mad dash home from college in an unsafe Volkswagon Beetle. A stick, when all I had was an expired driving permit from Oregon and never had driven a stick before. The shroud around the stick was missing and the back was so crammed with stuff it was a solid wall at the back of your head. In 36 hours we went from Michigan to Oregon and I never slept a wink.

michele said...

Your link to my blog worked. Thanks for the link. I noticed others did it but didn't give me credit. Not everyone is as polite as your are :-).

BTW, I thought SD was a lovely state and I was surprised by how beautiful Idaho was.

Anna Venger said...

No DC? No Phil, PA? No Richmond, VA? You have to come back East. Stop in at DE too while you're out here.