Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I'm experimenting with a method of adding trackbacks to my blog, which in the process demolishes the previous comments I've gotten so far. While I appreciate and enjoy the comments I've gotten, trackbacks are a very useful tool, and I'm trying to find ways to expand the readership and interest in this site.

What trackbacks do is notify blogs when I link to them - which as you can see, I do a lot on this site. In this way they know when I'm interested and reading them, and draw their interest and readers to my site. Trackbacks also help with keeping an overall community of commenters in touch, from site to site.

So I'll try this for a while to see how well it works, and as an effort to make this a better site. This blog is just over a month old, so I'm still learning and working on it a little at a time. Some day WordAroundtheNet.com will be it's own domain but for now it's small and blogger works just fine.

I apologize to the people who've left comments in the past, your words are still out there in the ether and can be retrieved at some point. I appreciate everything you've said, even the anonymous person mocking my lack of comments.


Anonymous said...

i'm gonna make my own post about it

Anonymous said...

мне кажется: восхитительно... а82ч