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"...what a beaut way to say thanks to US 'doing the heavy lifting' and poke the leftie gits in the eye."

"G'day" is what Australia is saying to US military members, offering cheap flights and accommodations to active duty, members of the Reserve component, retired military, Department of Defense civilian employees and family members, according to the US Army Home Page:

A five-night stay in Sydney or Melbourne is available for $838 per person based on double occupancy. The “G’Day Good Deal” packages include three- or four-star accommodations for five nights, round-trip airfare from Los Angeles or San Francisco aboard Qantas Airways and a 15-hour calling card that can be used to dial the United States. Taxes and surcharges are not included in the base price.

“Normally, when you’re talking about a trip to Australia, your opening bid is $1,800, at least,” said Dan Yount, chief of Army Leisure Travel Services at the U.S. Army Community and Family Support Center. “This is a major savings.”

Tim Blair, Australian blogger extraordinaire, noticed this and announced it on his webpage, and commenters donated their ideas to the cause:
Looks like bloody good value. Hope they can make the offer again in summer. Visiting Australia without spending time at the beach or on the waterways is a handicap.
-by Steveo

Hope they can make the offer again in summer. Visiting Australia without spending time at the beach or on the waterways is a handicap.
Hey, no worries about that one! They just need to come to Queensland, Broome or Darwin! Winter only applies to the South; that’s why there are so many Mexicans migrating North every year! :-)
-by JPB

I dont think this is a good thing. Not even a little bit.

Australia has:
Spiders that can kill you just by looking at you.
Huge monster snakes.
Crocodiles that pop up out of toilets and get you when most vulerable.
Big hairy spiders that purposly hide in your shoes/boots and can bite through inch thick steel plate armor.
Giant muntant rats that hop and are deadly in hand to hand fighting.
Giant mutant birds that like to kick a man’s guts out.

And, the worst of the worst is the Australians!!

What if our guys decide they like it better there? The US stands to loose those of our men and women that are actually willing to stand up and fight back when th

This aint good.
-by Grimmy

Yeah those muntant rats, lost my cousin to one just last week…

But only little girls are scared of being the crocodiles coming up from the toilets - just remember to poke ‘em in the eyes and watch those teeth, you’ll be fine.
-by Anagallis

And Grimmy that’s just in the big cities. Wait until they hit the countryside; there’s danger behind every bush & rock ready to gobble them up or sting them to death. That’s why I have mounted a .50 cal on my 4wd and those rocket launchers on the bull bar are for real.

#8 The powers that be have just announced the stinger season is over up here so I can put away my panty hose until November. Good protection from box jelly but a tad too thin against croc teeth. Rumour has it a rogue croc has taken up residence in the park lake in our Port Douglas estate.

Weather wise it looks like the cyclonic infuence has finally cleared off and tourism will pick up considerably.
-by Spang_oz

Makes you wonder what the multiplier effect might be if Aussie Govt chucked in say $500 aussie dollars as spending money to boot. If it doubled or trebled the bookings it might actually be cashflow positive to govt treasury and what a beaut way to say thanks to US “doing the heavy lifting” and poke the leftie gits in the eye.
-by thenailgun

Jumpin’ Jesus on a Pogo Stick! I might have to look into a little trip down Australia way. I just knew getting shot at by all those 107 mm rockets would pay off some day!
-by Major John

If you know a soldier or a soldier's family, let them know! This is a good 1000 dollars off what it would normally cost to make such a trip. On behalf of the American people, I'd like to say thanks, Australia, you rock!

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