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"something tells me if we were paying some eskimoes, or any number of other groups some of these 'handouts,' they wouldn’t be repaying us by 'allegedly' planning to blow us up"
This isn't some stunning shocking development, either. In a column on December 29, 2001, I noted the likes of Zac Moussaoui, the French citizen who became an Islamist radical while living on welfare in London, and wrote: "If you're looking for 'root causes' for terrorism, European-sized welfare programs are a good place to start . . . Tony Blair pays Islamic fundamentalists in London to stay at home, fester and plot."

I wasn't the first to notice the links between Euro-Canadian welfare and terrorism. Mickey Kaus, the iconoclastic California liberal, was way ahead. But, after 3-1/2 years, one would be entitled to assume that Tony Blair might have spotted it, too — especially given the ever greater numbers of British jihadi uncovered from Pakistan and Afghanistan to Israel and America.
That's how Mark Steyn points out in a column on terrorism in the UK how so often terrorist suspects and terrorists are found to have been living on welfare and off the public dole. For example, the Australian newspaper Herald Sun has this story:

Australia’s 22 terror suspects and their families receive more than $1 million a year in taxpayer-funded welfare and legal aid.

And simply because the men were locked up, their families received a social security pay rise of as much as $1700 a year.

One of the jailed Melbourne men, Abdul Nacer Benbrika—leader of a radical group of Islamists—has been in Australia for 10 years and has never had a job.

Taxpayers provide his wife with almost $50,000 a year in welfare.
Tim Blair also noticed this on his blog, and commenters, well, commented:
“If you’re looking for ‘root causes’ for terrorism, European-sized welfare programs are a good place to start.”

We all get told time and again how harsh the American system of pensions and unemployment insurance are - that if you don’t pay anything in, you don’t get anything out. But in cases like these, it don’t seem so bad…
-by AlburyShifton

Current policies of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) towards some = the root cause of a future Dhimmia of the many?
-by tmciolek

From my calculation here in Australia our welfare spending happens slightly above $2000 per second.
-by Hank Reardon

Under Centrelink rules, she is entitled to almost $50,000 a year in welfare while her husband is in prison, awaiting trial.

That’s a good whack, that’s more than what most people earn through working their butts off. It’s the same in the UK, where they booted out some radical cleric, however his wife and dependents remain in the UK sapping public welfare of a country they so hate.
-by darrinh

Taxpayers provide his wife with almost $50,000 a year in welfare.

Just some statistics that I find interesting.

The average Australian wage is now A$53,861.60($US 40,846.02).

(OECD)Table 1.2 : Income tax, employee social security contributions and gross wage earnings.
-by joejr

May be its got something to do with sex education in Islamic schools see:
-by weekbyweek

Hmmmm, while i am no great fan of paying immigrant bludgers especially (that haven’t contributed anything to the country yet) to sit on their behind for 10 years doing diddly squat, something tells me if we were paying some eskimoes, or any number of other groups some of these “handouts”, they wouldn’t be repaying us by “allegedly” planning to blow us up.....

i don’t think we should dump completely on the system just becoz of a bunch of bad apples, who as so often seem to be adherents of the RoP… afterall any number of us may have needed a bit of a helping hand out at times, it the blood sucking parasites who constantly take the system for a ride who really need to be singled out…

hopefully these are getting fewer and fewer under the “work for the dole” schemes, but probably just like community service for minor crims programs, it is probably being abused in places…

but this concept of having untold numbers of children which the community ends up paying for has really got to be looked at, for the white trash and other groups who tend to like playing this game… four or five kids max and anything over that is a lifestyle decision of your own making and you damn well foot the bill people!!!
-by casanova

Bugger! my suprise gland must be dicky. i read that and didnt feel anything.

O/T A mate of mine is currently becoming a police officer in WA and has allready got a horror story. The cops cant even discuss each others case or ask for info without running the risk of an internal investigation. This is because of “privacy issues” for the crims.
Those faint 2 thudding noises were the collective testicles of the WA police farce /service being cut off.
-by thefrollickingmole

There is a a tendency to believe that the “dole” in itself is an act of jihad. A way to weaken the economy of the host country. It is basically the jizya tax that the infidel must pay to the superior muslims who are engaged in jihad against the west.
Although these guys are in jail, they must view these payments as a victory over the infidel.
Centrlink are surely totally incapable of understanding such political manoevres.
-by davo

My own humble thoughts on the mindset permitting this rampant stupidity.

For at least 3 generations the objective of the Communist movement was to question and attack the legitimacy of any other advanced system of government. It was largely successful in removing kings, somewhat successful in removing facists and dictators.
it proved utterly useless at persuading people to rise up against democracies and representitive rule though. So it changed its tactics slightly to take over the propaganda organs, and none were more attractive than the school systems.
It began slowly enough with the wooing and outright corruption of the universities. How many historians, social, and “soft” studies were active or sympathetic to Communists wont be known for sure. But a glance at the politics of many tenured instructors today seems to indicate a pattern of patronage where politics of a certain sort didnt hurt.
This form of corruption then began to infect the past, by disowning, demeaning, and fabricating whatever was neccessary to diminish the “west”. 3 generations later and the damage caused by this acidic eating away of anything good or glorious about the west is almost total.
The guilt industry spawned by the marxist corruption runs to billions in Australia alone. we must save the whales, refugees, aboriginies, environment, criminals, as well as feel shame about wars overthrowing theocracy and brutal dictators.
Think about being European and having your own governments actively shut down ANY debate leaving your ownly options to keep quiet (socialy acceptible) or vote far right (social death).
Communist tactics worked, I doubt if Europe would have resisted if the collective will was as low 30 years ago as it is today. Communism just didnt survive long enough to harvest its corrupt “fruit”, that will fall to the Muslims.
Im sure people much more elloquent than me can put it clearer/better and would like them to do so.
/rant off
-by thefrolickingmole

An explanation for gussy’s “dog whistle” slur, for North American readers who may not appreciate its currency in Australia.

“Dog whistle” is the slur-du-jour of the left against the right in Australia, especially as applied to John HoWARd.

In Oz at the moment it means you accuse the “dog whistler” of saying something with a hidden message that is heard by the rednecks in society and they instintively react to it and support the whistler.

Strangely, the left elites can also understand the hidden message and this allows them to accuse the “dog whistler”.

How gussy could EVER have the nastyness to discern the hidden “dog whistle” message in Tim’s post is beyond me. Maybe you are more like us than you think, eh gussy?
-by StopContinentalDrift!

The problem with welfare is just trying to find an appropriate balance between helping those people who are a bit down and need society’s assistance (such as short-term unemployed) without giving them so much that they lose the drive to become self-sufficient. I think that the only clear solution is to do the obvious and cut down on welfare until these people start contributing back to society.
-by anagallis

OK. Let me ask a question...hypothetical, but still a question...:).

Let us say I...ME, this nice little kid were young enough to migrate to OZ. I would need a skill (to provide for myself) of some sort to do so, correct?

OK, I lied, two hypothetical questions...BUT if I were say a, ummmm of a certain group with a supposed ‘religion’ that happens on a very regular basis fires RPG’s, straps on Bomb Belts, grows a beard, treats women like chattel, honor kills those women, and more things of that nature...I could come to OZ and live on dole money?
-by El Cid

I have to echo el Cid's question: I thought to emigrate to Australia you had to have a job and skills that contribute to the nation. What happened to that system with these Muslims? Any Australian readers, can you help us out here?

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Anna Venger said...

Yes, the free world has gone stark raving mad. I thought we (the West)were stupid to continue funding terrorist states by buying their oil instead of using our own and developing alternative resources, but we are truly insane if we fund those who want to destroy us with the hard earned money of true citizens just so terrorists can sit around, plot against us, and have the financial resources to do something about their nefarious plots.

On the bright side, all this time I've wondered whatever would we do if we fell upon hard times. Now I know. We can move to Australia!