Monday, May 29, 2006


Here are a few useful links you might enjoy, first some fun stuff:
James Lileks' sites, one of the finest writers alive today
Smithsonian Magazine Online
National Geographic Magazine Online
Apple's Movie Trailer Site: see em before you watch a movie! (warning: slow computer killer)
Cute Overload! Tons of cute stuff and critters
The Hubble Telescope Site with lots of images from the space telescope!

Some humor sites to tickle your funnybone (warning, some may have language content):
Frank J's IMAO
Broken Newz
Engrish (Japanese and other asian signs and materials translated to English)
The Onion

And some blogs you probably didn't know existed:
Eye Level, the Smithsonian Art Museum blog
William Shatner's blog site, although he doesn't update it much
The LAPD Blog, with updates on cases, requests for info, and more
Chris Farrell's Gaming Blog - board games, computer games, you name it!

Some smaller blogs you ought to take a look at but might have never seen:
Reformed Chicks Blabbing
Right Wing Sparkle
Anna Venger or is that An Avenger?
Hispanic Pundit
Stuck on Stupid Lies, or as his site says "It’s not what you don’t know that disturbs me, it’s what you know that isn’t true!"
Seixon - an American in Norway
Mostly Cajun, All American, and Opinionated
The Texas Rainmaker
Hollywood, Interrupted - a hollywood type going and doing what reporters fear or won't do in Iraq
Stand to Reason Christian Apologetics blog

Check em out folks, lots of places to go, things to read and interesting stuff to learn!

And don't forget to check the sites I have linked to the right hand side!


Anna Venger said...

Hey, you linked me! Wow and thanks.

"Anna Venger or is that An Avenger?"...I'll never tell ;)

Anna Venger said...

Btw, I was trying to check out your links on the left, but they are waaay down south. I think it's a template issue. Mine did that too, and we couldn't fix it without investing a lot of time, so I changed templates. (I think a lot of people were just as happy about that, but I wasn't.)

Christopher R Taylor said...

The messed up template was because of how Internet Explorer and Sultan the woof interacted. Sultan fought the Microsoft, and Bill Gates won.

Tom Grey said...

Nice idea, done well.
I just added you to my blogroll, you're welcome to consider it, too. (my, what a big blogroll you have.
The better to attract linkers ...)