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Recently US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was confronted by a common event for public speakers, a heckler. While this happens rather often, this heckler was given a lot of press and attention because of his accusation of lying, Rumsfeld's response, and that the heckler was Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst and part of an advocacy group Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity. Ray McGovern and the VIPS group is vocal in their criticism of the Bush administration over the 2003 invasion of Iraq, claiming that it used flawed intelligence and deliberate deception to justify the action.

However, Free Frank Warner points out a problem with this stance:
Just before the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Ray McGovern, who now says Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction then, warned President Bush against invading Iraq because the action could provoke Saddam to use WMDs.

In a Feb. 7, 2003, memo to Bush, McGovern and four associates said:

With respect to possible Iraqi use of chemical weapons, it has been the judgment of the U.S. intelligence community for over 12 years that the likelihood of such use would greatly increase during an offensive aimed at getting rid of Saddam Hussein.
The memo ends with this point:

Reminder: The last time we sent troops to the Gulf, over 600,000 of them, one out of three came back ill -- many with unexplained disorders of the nervous system. Your Secretary of Veterans Affairs recently closed the VA healthcare system to nearly 200,000 eligible veterans by administrative fiat. Thus, casualties of further war will inevitably displace other veterans who need VA services.
And Frank Warner points out something troubling about this reversal:

Fear of freedom. When it seemed Iraq might soon be freed, McGovern said don’t do it, the WMDs will kill you. When Iraq was freed, he said the WMDs were a lie to justify the liberation. He was wrong before. He’s wrong again.

And he’s missing the whole point of Iraqi freedom.

He changed his story. A few weeks into the liberation, he said the Bush administration always “knew” Saddam had no WMDs, but invented the threat. He said if WMDs were discovered, it would be because they were planted by the United States. And last week in Atlanta, he publicly accused Rumsfeld of lying to take the U.S. to war.

Never mind the bloody “peace” in Iraq under Saddam. Never mind that the Bush administration cited Saddam’s repression has the first justification for action. Never mind that hundreds of mass graves have been discovered since the liberation of Iraq, and it turned out Saddam really was a dictator. (That most important intelligence was right.) Never mind that, for the first time in history, the Iraqis have a freely elected government. Never mind that democracy is the Middle East’s only chance for a lasting peace.

Tim Blair picked up the story as well, and commenters there had this to say:

Now wait just a minute. Are you saying that someone other than George W Bush and Saddam Hussein thought Iraq had wmd?
-by JerryS

Straight out of the John Kerry playbook. ‘I voted FOR weapons of mass destruction AND terrorists linked and tied strongly TO Saddam Hussein, before I voted AGAINST weapons of mass destruction and terrorists linked and tied strongly TO Saddam Hussein’. And people wonder why our CIA, (forget the fact that this agency leaks information to effect the downfall of a U.S. President) is f*cked up...LOL.

I feel badly for General Michael Hayden, selected to be the head of the CIA, by President Bush.

All the bullsh*t, “yes there was”, “no there wasn’t”, PLUS the “domestic spying”, (which it is not) of people linked to al qaeda, OR known to be sympathetic to al qaeda and other terror groups, making to calls TO and receiving calls FROM people in the U.S. As a citizen of the U.S., I demand those ‘conversations’ be listened to.
-by El Cid

This McGovern character seems a rather off bird. A not particularly objective biography
here. I wonder if he was one of the brilliant fellows who cooked up the Bay of Pigs invasion, or came up with those goofy “Get Smart” tricks the Kennedy’s always seemed to fancy (like putting depilatory powder in Castro’s shoes to make him lose his beard and, presumably, his charisma).
-by paco

I still find it mind-boggling that Bush critics believe this guy was an insider on Intel estimates for 2002, when he’d been out of the CIA for more than a decade at the time.
-by Spiny Norman

I believe that this d*ck and his ilk are the beginning of a trend that will lead the American left away from their current party line of “We Support Our Troops, but Not the War” bullsh*t, and back to their good ol’ Vietnam era policy of spitting on us when we come through the airport, screaming “BABY KILLERS!”.
Frankly, I’d find that so much more honest anyhow.
-by Texas Bob

Does it worry anyone else that the agency the U.S. relies on for foreign intelligence is apparently crammed with people actively working against the U.S. Government? I’m just asking.
-by RebeccaH

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