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Two little hitlers will fight it out until
One little hitler does the other one’s will

- Elvis Costello, Two Little Hitlers (from the album Armed Forces)

That's how the blog Isreallycool starts out a post about a picture from the palestinian settlements that ran on Yahoo's news service.

Ok, guys. The Nazi salute thing is a little suspicious, especially in light of your stated aims to finish Hitler's work. But don't you think the Hitler mustaches are a bit too obvious?

nazi saluting palestiniansA commenter at the site was pessimistic:

No amount of glaring evidence will wake up the Left.
[Nazis working with Arabs link]
-by Orphanedland
Ace of Spades picked up the story saying Surely This is Just a Coincidence!

The Religion of Neohitlerism™.

I'm aware that variations of the extended-arm salute date back to Rome (and before, I'm sure). And that the fact that the Nazis adopted the salute a their own does not make the salute, necessarily, Nazi inspired.


They do seem to have a lot of other things in common, too. Like, you know, proclaiming they want to finish Hitler's work.

Commenters noted some historical and likely future facts:

Oh, you neocons call everyone who wants to exterminate the Jews "nazis."
-by ZRyan

Israel Firm Cuts Palestinian Gas Supplies

NABLUS, West Bank (AP) _ Palestinian gas stations began shutting down and motorists lined up at pumps after an Israeli fuel company cut off deliveries Wednesday, deepening the humanitarian crisis that has followed Hamas' rise to power. An end to fuel supplies for the West Bank and Gaza could cripple hospitals, halt food deliveries and keep people home from work _ a devastating scenario for an economy already ravaged by Israeli and international sanctions.

That's a budget line for a story on Palestine's economy. They do love to use language as a tool to influence. I mean.....shouldn't we be pointing out that they ravaged their own economy by voting Hamas into power?

Wouldn't less fuel mean less people driving car bombs through check points?
-by Pixelflash

Given that mein Kampf is a huge middle east seller and that the area was heavily influenced by nazis, I don't think this is remotely accidental. And I think it's much akin to painting a big fat target on your chest. One that says "shoot here IMF." In Hebrew.
-by Christopher Taylor

Israel's got around 500 nukes with this picture taped to it now.

Which way does the wind blow over in Palestine? From the west or from the east?

Just curious.
-by Pixelflash

Beautiful. All while we are being pushed behind the scenes to free up some money for the flat broke PA.
Divert all funding of the PA and move it to PW. Or rather Protein Wisdom blog, he hasn't hit is goal yet during his fundraiser, and I think that that is a far greater cause than the palestinian authority.

Also, during WWII when Himmler ran out of blond haired lunatics to recruit into the SS he created a subset made up of east european Muslims commenting on their hatred of jews, and those who would support them as well as their eagerness to die for their god much like a good SS man must die for his leader.

If the quotes from "America's First War on Terror" and in the previous post here, and elsewhere about how muslims hate anyone who isn't muslim, or their kind of muslim, or ayaan hirsi ali's webpage, speaking negatively about islam doesn't motivate you, maybe we should read the words of praise for Islam, and the authors of that praise (nazi's liked islam.)

A man can be identfied by his enemy, but is defined by his friends. (is that from stuff jefferson said rev3?)
-by Wickedpinto

Don't know if I mentioned this, but it was recently revealed that the Nazis had an Einsatzgruppe ready to be deployed in Palestine where they would finish off the Jews with Arab assistance. Sending an Einsatzgruppe was the first step to extermination; once the Einsatzgruppe consolidated the work, an extermination camps would be set up. (The reason why extermination camps were built at all was because using Einsatzgruppen was slow, impractical, and inefficient, not to mention it left evidence behind.) Thank God, the Nazis were losing in Africa, which put an end to their plan to exterminate Jews in Palestine.

It disgusts me how much Arabs pandered to the Nazi regime and how they rave about Nazis, Hitler, and anti-Semitism today. One more reason why I have no sympathy for these people.

The picture is no surprise. But my heart sinks nonetheless.
-by Muslihoon

Here in Portugal the marines salute the flag with the "Roman salute".
The fact that we once were a fascist ruled country makes this expecially funny.
-by madneo

Maybe they're just doing the hully gully.

Shout out to Lou Rawl y'all.
-by Paul Freedman

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