Monday, May 22, 2006


There are a few movies coming out that I am actually looking forward to seeing. Not many, because like most things there is one rose in 100 piles of feces, but here are a few:

Superman Returns
This baby is costing 300 million to produce and Supes looks a little young and small, but from this trailer and the script parts I've seen, it really seems like they have a great grasp on the character.

Still early in production, this is another Frank Miller effort (Sin City, Robocop 2). It is the story of 300 Spartans holding off the mightiest army in the world at Thermopolae by sheer grit, tactics, and an unending sense of honor and duty - and saving civilization in the process.

Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest
I have to be honest, I have concerns about this one, but the first Pirates of the Carribean was so very, very good that I can't miss this and the same folks are all involved.

Over the Hedge
I'll catch this on cable, but I do really enjoy the comic strip and the movie just looks light hearted and like fun to me.

And one more I'm not sure about.

Miami Vice
I really like Michael Mann's work (Collateral, Heat, Manhunter, Thief) and Miami Vice at its best was very compelling and entertaining television, but I just don't like Colin Farrell much and I'm worried that what worked so well in the time period will come across as cookie cutter and have rap rather than cutting edge and alternative music like the original was at the time. Anthony Yerkovich (the original creator and writer of Miami Vice) is involved, and that's a good sign. And to be honest, do we really need yet another remake of a television show?

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Richard said...

What about The Lost City ?
The Critics are panning it, but their articles are all about the politics not the movie.
That interests me. It’s a rare day to see something anti Fidel & Che make it out of Hollywierd.

Christopher R Taylor said...

I want to see it, but in the same sense as I want to see Hotel Rwanda. I feel I ought to because it's important more than I want to because it really seems like it would be a great movie.