Friday, May 12, 2006


The BBC Governing Board recently did an examination of the broadcasting system's news reporting and came to a conclusion: that their coverage of the Israeli/palestinian conflict was biassed:

THE OFFICIAL REPORT for the governors of the BBC on its coverage of the Palestine-Israeli conflict found predictably that there was “was little to suggest systematic or deliberate bias” but then went on to list a series of measurements by which the BBC could be said to be biased in favour of Israel. This produced mocking guffaws in my own newsroom, where some of the BBC’s greatest hits — or perhaps misses — remain fresh in the memory. There was the hagiographic send-off for Yassir Arafat by a BBC reporter with tears in her eyes and that half-hour profile of Arafat in 2002 which called him a “hero” and “an icon” and concluded that the corrupt old brute was “the stuff of legends”.

at the Ace of Spades Headquarters, Ace noted this story, and a commenter went on to explain how the conclusions were likely reached:

Top Five Ways to Spot the BBC's Pro-Israeil Bias:

5- Refuse to sell ad air time to 'Dirty Yid'-brand pasta sause ("One Pint of Gentile Blood in Every Bottle! We Swear It!")

4- Actually use the word "Israeli" instead of the accepted appelation, "Dirty Pig-Dog-Ape Jew Scum Who Must Be Eliminated To Please The Prophet, PBUH".

3- Refer to preteen Israelis killed by suicide bombs as 'Children', and not as 'Trainee Mossad Torturers'.

2- Halo doesn't show up in archive pics of Arafat.

1- His face does.
-by DaveP.

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