Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Comment Type #21


Some commenters seem to only have one real interest, regardless of the conversation, the discussion, or the topic at hand. politics, sports, movies, none of it really matters to this comment type - all that matters is making flirty comments and hitting on the other people who post. There are entire IRC channels devoted to flirting and more, but generally speaking a comment section on the average blog is dedicated to the blog's area of interest and the topic at hand.

Instead of responding to thoughts about the way Druids need to be nerfed or how Lamborghinis look sweet but until recently were a lousy, uncomfortable drive, the flirt comment is directed to the people posting, often using vaguely-related double entendres and a lascivious tone. When someone asks about the stock market, the flirt post is about how hot rich guys are and how the stocks might be sexy, wink wink.

The way this is accepted or rejected depends on the community. Generally speaking a feminine name will be more likely to be at least tolerated in this than just one of the guys, because men tend to outnumber women on most blogs and message boards, and because guys appreciate being flirted with, even if the actual identity of the flirter may be in question.

This sort of post can be amusing and if it's not too common can break up monotony or the often-pompous tone that many discussions can take on. But it also can be annoying and drag the entire discussion down to a level that makes serious thinkers leave and ruins the community if flirting occurs too often or too consistently. Given the anonymous nature of the internet, flirting can be potentially embarrassing or humiliating - the person posting as HawtPrincess16 might be a tubby 50 year-old in a grubby tee shirt and boxers.

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Muslihoon said...

You're hot. And so are your readers.

Just kidding!

I know there's a lot of play that goes on at Ace, but even then there are serious discussions.

I really like your Type of Comments posts. Very enlightening.