Friday, May 19, 2006

Comment Type #19


A Drive By comment is a message or comment left by someone who does not stay at a blog, maintain any sort of community, or return to discuss matters. This may be due to web browsing, moving through many blogs a day and touching on comments once in a while, then not returning. It may be due to someone who is afraid of or cannot handle disagreement very well.

Drive Bys often happens when a blog has a link to a site it disagrees with, such as how Right Wing News will sometimes visit the Democratic Underground and find comments that are offensive, ludicrous, or immature, then list them for all to see. This often will stir up commenters from the DU to visit RWN and leave a comment (often a trollish one) and never return.

Drive Bys are not so offensive by nature, they can be intelligent, funny, or contribute to the site. But by not returning to continue the discussion, they don't add very much to the board's community and do not make their point very well because any questions needing answer or clarification people might want are never provided by the original author.

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Stephen said...

A drive by comment can make its point perfectly well. If you leave dangling threads in a comment you need to come back and answer questions but if you have a self contained point then you don't need a conversation about it for it to make sense.

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