Thursday, May 18, 2006

Comment Type #18

A bunny with a pancake on its headTHE FARK

Named after a humor website Drew Curtis' Fark, this kind of comment is filled with satire, humor, or just weird information. It is peppered with quirky and often light hearted pictures, often just a short sentence and a picture to make their point. Such a post many times will be satirical or sarcastic to the point of abuse, and offer little more than an excuse to post a picture that involves someone being "owned" or "punked" (mocked, humiliated, demeaned, or defeated someone in a overwhelming fashion; owned sometimes is spelled "pwned").

Book CoverA Fark post can be humorous and enjoyable, although constant use of this kind of post can be unwelcome or annoying. Large pictures can be slow to load for those with a slower connection, and being the recipient of a post designed only to humiliate or abuse you can be less than welcome. A Fark post might also be against the rules or policies of a given blog or comment site, which may discourage the use of pictures or personal attacks. Often a Fark comment is completely off topic, which may make such a post unwelcome as well.
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Anonymous said...

I liked Fark a lot more before I began reading the user entries in their forums. It's yet another site with plenty of Socialist, er, Democrats populating it. I still visit, but the varnish is faded now.

Christopher R Taylor said...

I don't go there much, but I have to admit they have funny links and the pictures people use from there can be silly and make me laugh.