Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Comment Type #14


Most blogs have a limited number of posts on the front page (for example, Word Around the Net keeps three days of posts out to be read), the older blog entries going into archives. Just before this happens, sometimes a few comments will show up on the last few blog articles as they are on their way out. This kind of comment comes in four types:
  1. someone rabidly reading through all the articles and commenting, even if it is very late
  2. a couple of people having a last-minute discussion or argument before the post flits into the archives
  3. often it is an advertisement left in the hopes that the blog master won't notice it, but readers might
  4. there is a fourth possibility, the Late Hit
Late Hits are comments left at the end of a blog to avoid argument or to have the last word. Typically this is a comment that borders on being a troll, a provocative statement or set of statements in contradiction to the blog entry or the other comments. This kind of comment is often left by someone who dislikes or fears contradiction, or someone hoping their sterling bit of wisdom will go into the archives unquestioned.

Late hits are most often the product of someone who has an ideology at odds with the blog and it's usual content, but by someone who is not a regular visitor, or who wants to remain uncontested in their opinions. By leaving a comment just before the article goes into archives, they've had their say but are unlikely to be responded to by anyone before the article is gone.

There's nothing particularly wrong with the Late Hit, but it does not contribute to the conversation and the community at the blog, and does not show a great deal of real interest in what the blog has to say. A late hit in American Football (which my British friend likes to mock because feet are so rarely in contact with the ball) is a tackle that occurs after the play is whistled dead by a referee; it is a foul, breaking the rules. Posting where few if anyone will respond defeats most of the point of having comments to begin with.

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