Saturday, May 06, 2006

Comment Type #12


Some types of posts are so incoherent, repetative, and irrational that they appear to have been made by a poorly-designed computer program or artificial intelligence. The arguments or points that are made are usually a successive list of talking points or buzz phrases that typically have been utterly refuted, are off topic, and have little to do with reality. Such a poster is usually a troll, but sometimes is just someone who has chosen the internet as the place for their unabomber-like manifesto that they repeat over and over everywhere they go.

This kind of post has no originality aside from it's manic read, and is usually triggered by a word or phrase in the original blog entry or someone's previous comment. What follows is a tourettes-like spewing of words. Sometimes the phrases and memes are updated by recent events, but only after getting their positions and ideas from an extremist website.

To avoid embarassment of anyone specific, I'll use a little program that Sean Gleeson came up with called the Autorantic Virtual Moonbat (although I have no doubt a version could be made for a Right wing radical fool as well):

You can simply type a word or phrase into it's window and hit the ENTER button and away it goes giving you a remarkably accurate rant to what actual human beings will vomit into a comment section or message board around the world.

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