Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Comment Type #11


The Talking Points comment is one in which a series of memes or pre packaged statements are regurgitated onto a message board or comment section. Often this is done without further comment and is sometimes even simply cut and pasted from another source. A Talking Points comment is one that lacks originality, one that is a repetition of other peoples' ideas or things read and heard from other sources that the commenter simply transports to a new location.

Some of these are factoids - commonly repeated things taken as fact (but that usually are not), while some are actually true and valid statements. Either way, they are overly repeated, usually without much attempt at explanation or defense, as if they are either obviously true or believed by everyone without need for further exposition.

This kind of comment often is Spam or Trolling, rather than beneficial commentary that adds to a discussion. The worst kind of the Talking Points comment is one in which a blatantly discredited notion is simply repeated (often with others of its kind) like "Bush lied to get us into war" or "Saddam Hussein had no connection with terrorism." This sort of comment is nothing more than Trolling and is very wearying to read because it almost always gets a bite.

Talking Points comments not always bad, since sometimes the things brought up are valid and stimulate good discussion, but in general they do not demonstrate significant thought on the part of the commenter, and when questioned they rarely are able to defend the points made.

While there's nothing innately wrong with the Talking Points comment, there's nothing particularly right about it either, and reposting what others have said over and over does not say much for one's intellectual firepower or comprehension of the issues.

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