Monday, May 08, 2006

Coding Bleg

While I use Firefox to browse the internet - it has several more handy features and is less prone to invasive problems than Internet Explorer - I check this site with IE to see how it loads. For some reason, when I look at this site with Internet Explorer, it loads up with the sidebar at the bottom of the page. But not always, sometimes it loads properly. If it was consistent, I could probably work out what it's doing but the sometimes part throws me for a loop.

I'm somewhat conversant with HTML, but I am no great programmer and I cannot figure out why it's doing this. If anyone knows or has some tips to help clear this up, I'd be glad to hear them.

At any rate, for best results, view this site with Firefox and you'll see no problems (unless you have the security cranked up so high that the images don't load).

*UPDATE: Apparently the size of the Sultan java wolf was too big for IE browsers, so he's gone for now. Internet Explorer users should upgrade to Firefox :)


michele said...

It could be your wolf or you moonbat thing. Take out the code for the wolf and do a preview in IE. If that doesn't work, trying saving the post with the moonbat thing as a draft. Sometimes a quiz will mess up the sidebar. That happened to me a couple weeks ago.

Christopher R Taylor said...

I wondered about the wolf, it's pretty big. I wanted a smaller version but they didn't seem to have one available.

I'd hate to lose Sultan :/