Friday, April 28, 2006

Comment Type #9


The Guest Blog is a comment in which someone writes their own extended essays and long form post on the topic, often with careful research, links, and data as if they were writing their own blog. This kind of comment can be very informative and interesting, or it can be very long, dry, and even incomprehensible. Each type is the work that could have been done on one's own blog, but was instead done on another person's. Usually someone who does this either has no blog and is using the comments section of another blog to substitute.

Sometimes the writer has their own blog and is doing a rough draft of a later entry - or a cut and paste of their work on someone else's blog. Sometimes this is done without intending to, the work might have started as a short comment that grew and expanded. This comment might end up the basis of a blog article later.

These kinds of guest blogs can be acceptable and even beneficial to the community and the blogger because they draw interest, inform, and stimulate discussion. There is a kind of guest blog that is less welcome, however. There are posts that are long, detailed, and often have links or even extensive quotes from articles. In fact, they often consist of little more than an entire article cut from another website and pasted into the comment section. Often this is included with little more than a single line of introduction or even a taunt by the commenter.

Quoting part of an article and providing a link is acceptable internet etiquette and does not violate copyright laws. In fact, the writer will usually welcome the publicity and the links that it may generate. However, printing an entire opinion piece or article, especially a very long one, is quite unwelcome and annoying, not to mention a violation of copyright law. This kind of post, especially if it is done more than once, will tend to be skipped outright by readers and often commented on negatively. Whatever purpose beyond mere trolling it was meant to accomplish, it is a failure in.

In most cases, if you find yourself typing yet another magnum opus full of facts and data and links, you might want to consider creating your own blog - it's easy and fast with sites such as Blogger (which Word around the Net is hosted by) or Typepad. Then you can link your essays with a pertinent excerpt, and save space on the comment section, and time for you. Blogs such as the Guardian Watchblog came from exactly this kind of experience. Now when CavalierX wants to make a point he's written on before, he can just link his blog article.

Comment sections are for your input, ideas, and thoughts. Extended posts are acceptable and even welcome if they have good content or further the discussion and benefit the visitor to a given blog. But if you make it a habit to post extensively on someone else's blog, think about making your own and saving them bandwidth. If you post nonsense or huge articles, just think again.


Blogger Muslihoon said...

I had a blog but never used it. When people started making fun of me - and rightfully so, I might add - for my long rambling posts, I realized I should bore the world on my own blog and not use up another blogger's bandwidth. Excellent post, as usual, Mr. Taylor! And I love the picture on the top of your blog. The world at night. Magnificent.

8:37 PM, April 30, 2006  
Blogger Christopher Taylor said...

Before I started this one people kept telling me I should have a blog but I didn't want one because there's so many. I love that picture too, I hope the alterations I made are sufficient to avoid a copyright violation from National Geographic.

6:44 PM, May 01, 2006  
Blogger The Blue Square said...

I experienced this in a forum one time when an atheist debating me (a Christian) copy-pasted, without citation, an extensive article from an Islamic Web site on why the Bible is fallible. This kind of writing was uncharacteristic of him, so I googled a phrase from it, and voi-la, there was the Islamic Web site with that article. When I confronted him about it, he said he just figured I would know he had gotten it from somewhere. Yeesh!

What I found especially ironic was that he was quoting a source that would disagree with him entirely except on that one point.

6:35 PM, June 09, 2006  
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