Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Comment Type #5


The Rant comment is one that is little more than an extended, enraged sequence of statements usually filled with obscenities and slurs. A form of the Complaint comment, Rants are more strident and passionate. Where a complaint lays out problems and often solutions, the Rant is simply venting one's anger and frustration online in what is often barely coherent. Some comedians such as Dennis Miller have made a career of ranting, but on message boards it has less comedic value.

Sometimes, a blog is built around the very idea of ranting; The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller and Democratic Underground are examples of this kind of site. Some message boards have specific areas set aside for ranting and raving and carrying on, in which it is not only expected, but typical to post such a thing.

There are times when a rant is to be expected. For instance, in the days after 9/11 or the subsequent terror attacks in Madrid or London, impassioned, enraged venting and desperate cries for vengeance and dire proclamations are not surprising or unreasonable.

However, on normal blogs a rant carries little value to the site. Often these will jar discussion, interrupt the flow of conversation, and bring any rational discourse to a screeching halt as the rant is picked apart piece by piece and examined as if it was offered to be a logical essay. A Rant should be taken for what it is: a declaration of impassioned emotion, - venting of one's spleen, as it were - and no more.

There are some commenters for whom the rant appears to be their only form of expression, every post ends up a rant, or within a few posts will descend into one. This kind of poster can be amusing but also disruptive and even so deranged as to be unwelcome. For regular commenters and readers, this kind of repeated posting might be so undesirable to make some people actually leave.

Everyone has bad days or times when they need to cut loose, but for the sake of the blogger and everyone reading, try to get it out of your system before you open up a comment section or message board.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:57 AM, December 11, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:16 PM, February 20, 2010  

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