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I'm doing another giveaway on Goodreads, this time for my Supernatural Horror WW2 novel Life Unworthy!
You can win one of two signed, print copies of this novel starting today and ending on the 22nd of February.
When the gas was delivered to a shower in Birkenau, the soldiers expected death, but what came out of that concrete chamber was far worse. Now the Fuhrer has demanded the monster be tracked down and destroyed, but a German scientist has other ideas for how it may be used for the third Reich. And the Werewolf has plans of his own.
Caught in the middle is the city of Krakow and its citizens striving to survive under the brutal, murderous Nazi regime. In that city is Aniela Wisniewski, a pianist feeding snippets of information to the British. As events unfold, terror spreads over the city with Aniela at its center, a terror racing to an inconceivable conclusion! 
Why would you want a copy?  Here's what reviewers have said:
The characters start becoming individuals, with distinct motivations. They're not just Nazis in lock-step - they've got their own goals and agendas. Some justify themselves with Nietzsche, some just want the next promotion. The werewolf is a true monster, but he's also complicated. We meet the pretty Polish widow, a Romani with secrets. Then there's the weird Romanian guy with a leather trilby over his bald tatted scalp. They're interesting.
Then things get really exciting.
Started reading and didn't put it down. Great history intertwined with regional monster mythology. Christopher obviously worked hard to get the history correct
Dark subject matter but presented in a good way that provoked some interesting thoughts, I thought a couple of times that it would be fun to be in a book club and discuss some of the ideas raised.
Excellent adventure, horror novel set in Kraków early in WWII. The atmosphere of this book was almost another character in the book... The characters are fleshed out. Usually Nazis are portrayed as one dimensional cartoon characters, Mr. Taylor's rendering is more rounded and... complicated adding to the horror of what is being done by people to others. Chilling.
A well researched historical fiction, it offers the harsh reality of living through WWII with the entertainment of a fast moving thriller.
Very entertaining and terrific action propels it to an exciting conclusion, enjoyed it a lot.
Available in print and ebook formats across the internet!

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"Brawley has been the victim of some unspeakable crime. No matter how she got there. No matter who did it to her and even if she did it to herself."

It was May in 1992 when Azalea Cooley said that vandals had spray-painted a swastika and "Burn, Nigger, Burn" on her house. Cooley, a black 40 year old former corrections officer won instant support from those living in the Portland, Oregon area. The mayor, the Police Bureau, the Urban League, the Anti-Bigotry Coalition, the Metropolitan Human Rights Commission all expressed their outrage and fury at the hate crime, and it was on the national news.
She claimed to get threatening letters. A black doll with a .38 bullet in its forehead was found on her porch. Swastikas painted on the property and finally a burning cross was found in her yard. Chris Woodgate writes in Willamette Week:
On Nov. 1, supporters held a rally to "Take a Stand Against Hate," which began with a spiritual "wombing," after which Azalea, in her wheelchair, led a throng of 500 protesters in a march across the Hawthorne Bridge to Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Those protesters had no idea that a secret police videotape from that very morning showed a woman with close-cropped hair step past her wheelchair, stick a wooden cross in a flower pot on her back porch, and set it alight.

It was Azalea.

When detectives confronted her with the evidence, she slashed her wrists and was hospitalized. A week later, she penned a handwritten note, confessing that the incidents had been staged, and admitting that she didn't have cancer or need a wheelchair.
As Woodgate puts it: black woman in a wheelchair? She was the perfect victim. Nobody even questioned her claims. And it was all lies, from start to finish. She was the first fake hate crime victim I remember hearing about, although there had been plenty invented to demonize the south in the past. As if the lynchings and church burnings weren't bad enough, people invented more to make the civil rights struggles more dramatic and horrible, I suppose.

I'm actually having a hard time remembering the last valid 'hate crime' even assuming the category has the slightest shred of credibility. It doesn't of course, its just a crime. Only Big Brother type tyrants would insist on making a crime worse based on the bigotry of the perpetrator. As if killing someone is not as bad because you failed to harbor some special bigotry.

The litany of fake hate crimes, of course, is long and pathetic. Here's a quick rundown of the faked hate crimes of our times:
  • 1987 and perhaps the most infamous. Tawana Brawley claimed she was abducted by white cops and raped. She said she had "KKK," "nigger," and "bitch" scrawled on her body with charcoal and was left to die in garbage. It turned out she made the whole thing up, although she claims to this day it really happened - and many blacks believe her, including apparently Spike Lee. Brawley converted to Islam.
  • 1997, a black doll is found hanging from a tree, with the note "Duke Hasn't Changed" at Duke University. Black students did it.
  • In 1989 Morton Downey jr was losing his popularity and facing cancellation of his show, and he showed up with a swastika painted on his forehead. He said it happened in an airport, and that Skinheads had done it. The Swastika was painted backward, like it had been done in a mirror, and there were no skinheads in the area. It was all invention.
  • 1998, a lesbian student at St Cloud University Minnesota claims she was beaten and called slurs by white men, later admitting she made it up.
  • 1998, University of Georgia, a man claims he'd had nine separate incidents of hateful attacks and later admitted that he had made it all up.
  • In 1998, a black man claimed to have been dragged behind a truck in Louisiana. Later it was revealed he'd just been beaten unmercifully in a drug deal that went bad.
  • 2001, Arab student at Arizona State University claims he was pelted with eggs and called racial slurs, later admits he faked it. Almost every alleged hate crime or slur against Muslims and Arabs that year ended up being faked or exaggerated.
  • 2003, a Bethel College student has his truck vandalized with racial slurs and threats, and later admits he did it himself to highlight the lack of college action against racism.
  • 2004, University of Louisville starts to spot white supremacist literature distributed around campus. As outrage builds, it is revealed that black students are doing it, claiming it was to highlight racial insensitivity.
  • 2005, bizarre slogans such as "oxen scrotum juice" and obscenely scrawled vandalism began showing up on the campus of College of Wooster, Illinois. Calls for white frat boys and "typical white males" to be removed from campus raise, until a group of tree hugging hippies admit they did it and it was dumb. They are forgiven immediately and allowed back into campus the next year.
  • 2005, black Trinity International University professor Alicia Hardin claims that hate mail is being sent to non-white students in her classroom. The school district relocated the students to a hotel at city expense, until it was revealed that she had been sending the mail.
  • 2006, Fallon Illinois. Threatening letters signed "KKK" are sent to town officials. The letters threaten to burn down homes of blacks in the area if they don't move. It turns out a black guy sent all the letters, possibly to generate sympathy.
  • 2006, Duke Lacrosse players are accused of raping a stripper at their party. The school immediately publishes a letter of condemnation and everyone assumes the rich blue bloods are guilty. Eventually its revealed that the stripper is also a prostitute stoned out of her gourd who keeps changing her story and the entire tale is a lie. In the end, the prosecutor who tried to railroad the boys and the stripper are the ones who end up in prison.
  • 2007, George Washington University. Sarah Marshak reports that she was being harassed by having swastikas drawn on her dorm room door. A hidden camera catches her drawing them herself.
  • 2007, Baltimore Maryland. A rope and the drawing of a noose is discovered in a fire station by a black firefighter. It turns out the man planted them himself to claim discrimination in the station and possibly help in his tests to become a paramedic.
  • 2007, Anoka Minnesota. A burning cross is discovered on a white man's lawn, much to his dismay. Later it is revealed that a black neighbor had planted it, seeking "money and sympathy," unhappy that he was the only black man in the area.
  • Fake Flyer2007, George Washinton University woke to find posters from the college conservative group stating "Hate Muslims? SO DO WE!" It turns out Muslims hung the posters and the conservative group had nothing to do with it.
  • 2007, Madonna Constantine finds a noose on her Columbia University office door. Under investigation for perjury, the noose story conveniently buried her troubles and turned her into a victim... until it was found she hung the noose and was fired.
  • 2007, Penn State football player Langston Carraway was found stabbed to death. The word "nigger" was painted in blood on the ground next to him. Black leaders were furious, and built up toward a riot until it was revealed that Carraway was a pot dealer who was killed by a fellow black student for money to pay for a tat.
  • 2010, University of California San Diego, a noose is found hanging above a desk. Outrage and condemnation from the governor on down to campus groups explodes. Later, an anonymous note from a self-proclaimed minority student says it was an error, that she was playing around with rope making lasso then a noose and hung it and forgot about it.
  • 2010, Happy Valley Oregon where an Asian family finds racial slurs and threats spray painted on their house, warning them to leave. It turns out the 16 year old son in the family did it.
  • 2011, Seaholme High School in Birmingham Michigan. Racist notes were slipped into lockers and "the nigger must be lynched" is found spraypainted on the boys bathroom wall. Authorities find it was a black student who did it.
  • 2011, a black student claims cops harassed and beat him out of bigotry, and is found to be lying. Admitting it was all a hoax later, said he made up the story to highlight unequal treatment under law. He's later cleared in an ethics investigation, proving his point of unequal treatment.
  • 2011, St Cloud Minnesota, another black man claims racist police brutality and later admits he was lying.
  • 2011, U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A student claims he was branded with hot metal because he was gay. Officials later find he made up the story.
  • 2011 a lesbian couple is busted for faking hate messages spraypainted on their garage door and hanging a noose on their door.
  • 2011, a white woman wakes to find a burning cross in her yard. A note is on her door saying "you better not leave that nigger" referring to her upcoming divorce. It was signed "KKK." Police, curious why the Klan would threaten a woman to not leave an interracial marriage discover it was a hoax done by the black man she was planning to divorce.
  • 2012, Central Connecticut State University, a student claims she's getting hate letters under her door because she's a lesbian. Police catch her slipping the notes under her own down on security camera footage.
  • 2012, Montclair State University, two black roommates claim racist, sexist message has been slipped under their door. They are arrested later for of false reporting, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct the next week when its shown that they wrote the note.
  • 2012, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, a black student claims she was sent a list of racial threats including a 'hit list' of students to be targeted. Authorities investigating the case find the student sent the letters to herself. Police were tipped off by how the only name spelled right on the list was her own.
  • 2012, this one is a bit different. A black man and white woman received a package in the mail containing a noose and a picture of the murdered body of Nicole Simpson. Police track down the perpetrator and find it is a black man, a PhD who said "My motivation was stirred by, again, the presidential election. It doesn’t bother me in the least bit that someone date someone outside of their race." The crime was real, but the hate part was a hoax designed to influence the presidential race.
  • 2012, lesbian and former University of Nebraska basketball player crawled out of her home bleeding and crying for help. Someone had carved anti-homosexual slurs into her skin with a blade, she claimed. Police investigated and found she'd foreshadowed the crime on her Facebook page and she later admitted to having done it herself to sway debate on a 'fairness ordinance' designed to give special protections to homosexuals.
  • 2013, a black minister in Virgina has his house spray painted with racial slurs and the porch and his car set on fire.  Later it is revealed he did it to his own house to draw attention and funds because he could not afford to pay rent.
  • 2013, a black server gets back a receipt with the words "no tip, nigger" on it and goes on TV and national news for rudeness and a racial slur.  She gets ten grand in donations from a paypal account set up before the news goes big, but people notice the writing isn't like the rest on the receipt.  In fact, it matches her own writing, and it turns out she did it.
  • 2013, in the fall semester at Vassar College saw an amazing increase in the incidents reported to the Vassar Bias Incident Response Team.  Spraypainted messages such as "Hey, tranny, know your place" were reported, a total of six reports in all.  They were actually done by a pair of students who then reported them as attacks on themselves, and apologized later.
  • 2013, a lesbian server gets a receipt with the words  "I'm sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle."  She sets up a paypal account too and NBC runs the story.  She ends up with $ in donations but photographic evidence shows that the family did tip and when confronted, the woman hems and haws and backs away.  Seriously, how would they know what her lifestyle was like anyway, and why is this news?  They were even polite about it.
  • February 2014, a family has a "tie die party" and the mother of one of the children writes a letter, saying her child will not attend due to dislike of their "lifestyle."  Social media and blogs went wild.  Turns out it was.. you guessed it: fake, created by a radio show to "start a conversation."
  • October 2014, a man cries racist at an Asian man wearing a cholo costume for Halloween and is disregarded by her target.   Later, he claims to have gotten death threats on social media, but later admits that they were faked.  He claims that he only did it to "raise awareness."
  • December 2014, a set of several black cardboard cutouts and manikins hung in effigy on the UC Berkeley campus.  Police investigated and found... you guessed it, on the nation's most radically leftist campus, it was a group of "queer activists and POC" that did it, trying to draw attention to acts of evil in the past.
  • December, 2014; A Muslim student at University of Michigan finds his home vandalized by three women pelting his door with eggs and leaving hateful messages behind.  The perpetrators end up being angry leftists who didn't like his newspaper columns.
  • The main Faux Hate theme of the end of 2014 was rape hysteria on colleges.  Here's a wrap up of 8 cases of either outright false accusation or extremely doubtful accounts of the crime.
  • February 2015, a Muslim woman at Arlington University claims she was followed on campus by an armed man and threatened at gunpoint, saying it was because of her religion.  Later she admits that the entire story was a lie.
  • February 2015, A Muslim center is given repeated bomb threats by an angry caller.  Police look into it and eventually discover that the culprit is... a Muslim man who was staying at the center. 
  • February 2015, The Spokane NAACP chapter receives a threatening and racist packet of documents in its mailbox.  They hold a rally to fight racism, and later the USPS revealed that they had never gone through the mail system and had to have been put into the mail box by someone at the NAACP office (the woman who made the complaint is the same chapter leader recently revealed to be a white girl masquerading as a black one)
  • May 2015, a Muslim woman complains that while she's on a jet, she requests a can of soda, and is denied it, with the flight attendant saying "You Moslem, you need to shut the f— up.” Since no one is given an unopened can on a plane (the stews pour it for you), this was questioned.  The rest of the passengers on the flight completely contradicted her story
  • June 2015, black churches are terrorized by signs posted, claiming black churches were identified as being "with the devil" and warning blacks that they are targets; the signs claimed to be from the KKK.  The person who posted them was a black activist who put his own phone number on some of the signs. 
  • June 2015, a homosexual man claims he was beaten, forced to drink bleach, and had "die fag" carved into his arm by angry white men in rural Utah.  However police noticed many inconsistencies in his story and eventually he admitted it was self inflicted
  • July 2015, a homosexual bar was burned and had slurs and insults written on the walls.  Later, the owner confessed that he'd done it himself
  • August 2015 this time a video juxtaposition.  Cops pull over some youths, get into a struggle, and are accused of pointless violence simply because the kids are black. A portion of edited video is shown on facebook and the outrage mob cranks up.  But then, the cops release the full body and dash cams which tell a very different story.
  • August 2015, a case is closed by the police.  It started in September 2010, when a lesbian couple's house burnt down.  The police found slurs painted on the property and the couple claimed neighbors did it as a hate crime.  Eventually however, they found that, you guessed it by now... the lesbian couple did it
  • September 2015, University of Delaware students find something hanging from a tree.  A noose, they cry!  Later investigation discovers that the "nooses" are string left over from paper lanterns hung in June.  Undaunted by the lack of nooses and ridiculous charge, students are determined to protest anyway.
  • October 2015, churches with predominantly black worshipers begin having fires set at them, usually harmless minor fires.  Police finally track down and arrest a suspect who is shown to have set at least two of the fires: a 35 year old black man.
  • November 2015, Kean University black students begin receiving racially motivated threats on twitter.  Posts such as "i will kill every black male and female at kean university" were investigated by the police who discovered that, you guessed it, one of the black students part of rallies and organizations protesting the racist posts was the one who sent the tweets.
  • December 2015, a Houston mosque bursts into flame on Christmas day, burning down in a two-alarm fire.  Salon posts in a later-edited article "Muslim community members say the attack was a hate crime."  Police later see someone on security cameras with lighter fluid and charcoal light a fire in the mosque, someone who worships at the mosque several times a week and is a devout Muslim
  • January 2016, a hispanic man claims he was attacked by a group of white men, stabbed with a screwdriver, and racially harassed.  Police find that he had actually been attacked by members of a rival hispanic gang.  He has been charged with "falsely reporting a hate crime," a misdemeanor.
  • January 2016, five black girls from University of Albany SUNY claimed that they were called racial epithets and physically attacked by white men on a bus.  Rallies and the usual outrage resulted but upon examining the twelve cameras on the bus at the time, policed noted that there is absolutely no evidence of any such activity taking place whatsoever.
Then, of course, there's the Zimmerman/Martin case where a man is attacked, defends himself, and is labeled a racist hate-filled white murderer, despite being a Hispanic who fights for black civil rights.  And the Ferguson case where a thieving stoned hulking gang banger robs a convenience store, roughs up the store owner, walks down the middle of the street and attacks cops, then is shot.  And the press goes wild with theories and accounts from people who weren't even there and the "expertise" of a man not qualified to even attempt an autopsy.

And on it goes. Note the density of these fakes in the last two years, particularly this year. Almost as if people are trying very hard to portray racism as a serious problem - one specifically stated he did it to influence the election. Instead of promoting racial harmony, President Obama has starkly been the figurehead in an era of much worsening racial strife, much of it caused by blacks themselves.

Its obvious what the problems of faked hate are, but less obvious is the apparently increasing density of fakes. Either we're seeing them being reported on more, or there are a lot more being perpetrated, which seems more likely to me. After all, if you get attention, praise, and support for the fakes, that's a lot of motivation to attempt one.

How many are being gotten away with? Few, I'd hope. But what is it we're told by anti-capital punishment folks? You can't have that law because of the few innocent ones that don't get found out?

You notice almost all of these are on college campuses, which is hardly surprising. A college campus is probably the most deliberately diverse, carefully multicultural, and PC place in the world, and students are practically bombarded with the messages of hateful white people, bigotry they haven't faced but are told is everywhere, and themes of majority tyranny. Small surprise this kind of thing shows up there, where weaker wills are swayed by professors into idiotic acts to make some kind of point.

And in the end, the real victims are the truth and the culture at large.

*And the fake crimes go on.  I'll keep adding to this list as time goes on, in the section above.

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"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

One of the toughest parts about freedom is that it necessarily means that you have to put up with things you do not like, or do without things you might prefer.  For example, in Texas, they have very loose zoning laws, so that you can have a neighborhood of homes right next to an amusement park.  Loud, bright lights, lots of traffic, but people are free to do that if they choose.
Take a look at this picture.  Its a graphical representation of how much land in each state is owned by the federal government in the United States:

As you can see, everything in the rocky mountain states and westward suddenly becomes vastly controlled by the federal government (other than Hawaii).  Nevada, in particular, is almost entirely "federal land," at nearly 85%.
This hearkens back to a time when all land was considered the king's land, and people could by dispensation be given land of their own, but it would revert to the king if there were no heirs or they did something the king really didn't like.
Most of that land taken from each state is either military bases and testing facilities, federally designated "wilderness areas," national parks and monuments, or freeway lands.  Each president takes more of that land away, and always in the West, using the 1906 Antiquities Act which allows the president to designate land as a national monument or park without even consulting congress or notifying the American public of his intentions.  That's how President Obama was able to just call Mount McKinley "Denali Mountain" with an announcement.
Now, when I posted this image on Facebook, several people responded positively: I like parks!  What's wrong with that?
Which was just jaw dropping to me.  I was simply astounded that nobody seemed to understand that the federal government owning more than 50% of 12 of the biggest states in the union was a bad thing.  They thought it was just wonderful!
The problem here is that they are thinking in terms of "ooh pretty" rather than ownership, liberty, and the constitution.  People have become so accustomed to having things taken from them and then "given back" by the government that they have no basic gag reflex when it comes to liberty.
I like parks, too.  I like wilderness areas, and in my youth used to hike deep into the Oregon mountains to camp and explore.  Beauty and the amazing scenery of the United States is worth preserving and sharing with future generations.  But you know what matters more?  Having the liberty to enjoy that beauty and travel to those areas.
All the parks in the world are useless without liberty.  Unless you have freedom, it does not matter how much is preserved and set aside for posterity, because you'll never go there to see and enjoy it.  The only people who'll have a chance will be the most powerful and wealthy, the most connected to political office.
Let me try to put this in perspective.  Let's say you have a nice house and it has a really great bunch of rooms in it that are well decorated.  It is, supposedly, your house, and not only is there an iron clad law that protects your ownership, but people fought and died to protect it.  Now lets say the government decides your house is beautiful and others ought to be able to enjoy it, too.  So they seize 75% of the rooms in your house, declare them a national monument, and now you can only go in there if you pay a fee, can only engage in certain activities, cannot change anything, and must allow others into it.
That's what's happening with these states.  There is no support in the US Constitution for the idea of the president simply and arbitrarily taking pieces of states away from the public and setting them aside with rules for their use.  And there is no way to appeal the process.
Wyoming and Alaska, annoyed at the way the federal government kept taking pieces away from them, managed to get legislation passed modifying the Antiquities Act.  For example, the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act requires congress to approve grabs of areas of greater than 5,000 acres.
Right now, Oregon is facing an attempt to seize more than two million acres by the federal government.  Only one thing stands in the way: a ranch owned by a private citizen in between two federal areas.  So the Bureau of Land Management is using every trick possible to remove the ranch, including convicting the rancher of terrorism for burning out some intrusive plants.
See, congress decided that it was fine for the president to just pick areas to take away from private owners based on Article IV, Section 3 of the US Constitution which allows the federal government to create new states from territories controlled by the federal government.  Part of that section includes these lines:
power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States. 
Congress decided that means "you can do whatever you want to any land in the US without even bothering to ask the people living there."  Now, that is pretty debatable, since the founding fathers clearly did not mean for the federal government to be able to do whatever they chose within state boundaries, but that's a separate issue.
Notice that this section is in Article IV which deals with the US Congress.  It specifically and exclusively is about congress, not the presidency or the supreme court.  Under no circumstances is one branch of the US federal government allowed to exercise powers granted it under another branch.
The president cannot legally and constitutionally, no matter what laws are passed by congress, simply decide how land is going to be used.  That power is reserved for the congress by the constitution.
Now, by this point in the nation's history, the constitution is basically waste paper.  The only time it comes up is when someone wants to score political points, and its otherwise totally ignored.  Recent Supreme Court decisions have utterly demolished the last pathetic shreds of constitutional authority, so this is all academic.
But it wasn't in 1906.  And nobody did anything about it, because they were focused on preserving those amazing features like the Grand Canyon and others astounding areas of beauty and nature in the west.  Railroad builders saw what they were passing through and were determined to protect that awesome wonder, so they made sure it would happen.
The problem for folks is that they don't understand that this is not about oooh pretty, parks, its about freedom and states having the right to decide what happens within their borders.  The love of beauty is something that should drive protection of these areas, not federally seized, illegal power.  Private owners have for millennia protected and preserved areas of natural beauty and shared them with the public.
Now, some will say "If we didn't have this law, then places like Big Sur and Mount Jefferson would be covered with condominiums, or would eventually!  Only the rich and connected could enjoy the grand canyon, just like you say will happen if government gets too powerful, how is that better?
And that's possibly true - not necessarily, after all, the US is very vast and huge areas are still quite protected and unblemished by business and corporate interests despite being not controlled by the federal government.  And the US Constitution does not prohibit state governments from declaring areas parks and wilderness areas.
But, again, there's another, more powerful force to protect these areas than government decisions.  Freedom requires a moral character, a public with virtue and honor.  Instead of leaving that up to officials to punish us for straying from and pass requirements for us to follow, freedom forces us to grow up and be virtuous from inside.  That's tough, and its scary, and it requires us to be better people rather than simply servile and obedient people.   People who do the right thing do not require government pressure to control them.
Freedom means having to put up with stuff you don't like, such as a McDonald's on the rim of the Grand Canyon.  It also means having to not have stuff you'd prefer, like access to climb El Capitan on Yosemite.  And every single thing that the federal government gains in power means less freedom for you and I.  Every single loss of liberty that everyone suffers is always done in the name of a "good cause."  
Its always for our good that they argue we must give up our liberty.  Its never "because we hate you and you need to be slaves" but "we need to do this for x good reason."  And each little piece of liberty you lose means more power for the government and a generation raised to never have known or understood that freedom in the past.
The government only moves in one direction unless forced back by great effort and even violence.  The founding fathers understood this all too well from personal experience.  They used terms like "fire" and "devouring" to describe the government because they knew each new bit of power the government gained meant it was hungry for 3 more.  The government never, ever surrenders power voluntarily, it always seeks more control, more power, and more of your freedom given up.
Every small liberty surrendered to the government means it is hungry for more, spreading like oil on water, until it covers everything.
And every person raised in that setting comes to not only expect the government to be that big and intrusive, but is bothered less and less by greater expansions.  And even worse, they come to rely on and depend on that government power to a greater degree.  So after a few generations, the feds owning 53% of Oregon is normal and completely reasonable.
And nobody even knows or remembers what was lost.  Remember: after life, property is our greatest right.  The ability to own and control something is precious and not to be surrendered without exceptionally great cause.
And perty parks is not enough.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

BEST OF 2015

"What a stupid time to be alive"

I posted a lot less in 2015 than previous years, but still had a few major popular articles.
The most popular WATN bit was "A Mad World Run By Fools" in which I tried to lay out what its like to be a conservative in the world today, for those who think we're just over reacting or hysterical.  That article hit home for a lot of people and to date is the one that got the most hits, the most shares, and the most links of anything I've ever written on this blog.  Thousands of people came by a day for almost a week to read the article.  It got shared a lot on Facebook too, judging by where many people came from to read it.
Another popular piece was "Just Because," wherein I tried to show how the left is honestly trying to replace the old structures and ethical foundations that they destroyed, but have nothing to work with.  In an ideology that changes daily, even hourly, and is infinitely "progressive" you cannot truly build a foundation or structure at all.
"Don't Stand So Close To Me" was very popular but I feel I can only take a small part of the credit for that.  The rest has to be given to Dave Chapelle's brilliant examination of the whore's costume and what it means.  Modesty does matter.
The very first piece I wrote for 2015 was "The Black Ban" that examined the way black culture and racism is used and understood in America, not by blacks but by whites.  You can insult someone by saying they are "very white" and compliment someone by saying how black they are, but we're still told white people are oppressive rulers and blacks are oppressed helpless, crushed, and marginalized.
Next year looks to be even more troubling and upsetting than this one, but remember.  It is too easy to be dragged down by politics and fears and grit your teeth in frustration wanting to know what you can do to fix things.  Sometimes all you can do is live your life properly, raise your children wisely, and pray to God, because He's in charge, not us, not politicians, and not the popular culture.
I'll keep posting what comes to me and I think should be heard, and I hope you all keep visiting and reading.